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Volume 1 Issue 1

January-June 2022

Turning Mobile Learning into Opportunities for Teachers and Students

Authors: Rachna Thakkar

Published: 16 April 2022

Journal: IJMPC, Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages: 01-07

Keywords: Learning, Mobile, Opportunities, Students, Teachers

DOI: 10.55083/cct.ijmpc.2022.v01i01004

There is no doubt that mobile learning will form learning technology deserts in every country in the world. Looking back at the past long stretches of multifaceted learning, we can see how growing evidence and mobile experiences are guiding the blueprint for other leading learning technologies, bringing learning to individuals and communities—communities that were previously too remote or too expensive. . to equal or improve, advance and test the origins of learning itself. This was done in an unmistakably global environment, with the aim of progressively gaining notoriety and recognition worldwide. However, it was not entirely innocuous as a vehicle of clear intentions. This article examines the past decade and then envisions a future in which thinking in terms of learning technology becomes increasingly dangerous as technology, especially general-purpose technology, becomes an inescapable, ubiquitous, ubiquitous feature. and defining that is underestimated and not worth it. to focus on it. 

A Study of Quality of Work-Life, Organizational Commitment: A Review

Authors: Dr. Namrata Gain, Amit Kumar Kushwaha

Published: 20 April 2022

Journal: IJMPC, Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages: 08-12

Keywords: QWL, Work Life

DOI: 10.55083/cct.ijmpc.2022.v01i01005

The paper examines the various dimensions of QWL concerning organizational commitments and employees’ turnover in terms of their productivity. Study based on secondary data like many research papers, articles, reviews, and other available documents based on the views, comments, and results found by the previous researcher. Major attributes of the study under the QWL are- safety, working conditions, opportunities, organizational commitments including- Commitments, emotional attachment, and normative commitments. Turnover includes- the productivity of an employee, etc. these are the key attributes of this paper. Researchers believe that QWL plays a very important role because it’s somehow related to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.The last five years of literature are considered here to justify the research with the help of previous research papers. This paper aims to make a comparative analysis of the above frame-mentioned topic with different viewsand with different mindsets. According to their vision and vision researcher wanted to summarize this study.

Impact of First Lockdown during Covid-19 Pandemic over Digital Transactions in Indian Economy: A Review

Authors: Praveen Verma

Published: 25 April 2022

Journal: IJMPC, Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages: 13-20

Keywords: covid-19, demonetization, digital transaction, Indian economy, lockdown

DOI: 10.55083/cct.ijmpc.2022.v01i01006

One of the many advantages that have been told during demonetization was transition towards digital Economy and the data in the NPCI website shows that the digital transactions were actually increasing after demonetization substantially. This review paper tries to understand the impact of first lockdown during covid-19 pandemic over digital transactions in Indian economy. First nationwide lockdown was announced from 24 March 2020 for 21 days initially. Due to number of rising cases the lockdown was increased till 30th may 2020. This paper used data available on the NPCI website as secondary datasource and made comparisons over the volume of digital transactions from January 2020 till September 2020. This paper tried to review the various parts of digital transactions such as Mobile banking, UPI , POS transactions before , after and during first lockdown .

Review of Literature is Foundation and Blood of Research


Published: 18 June 2022

Journal: IJMPC, Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages: 21-26

Keywords: Importance of Review, Literature, Structure, Publication

DOI: 10.55083/cct.ijmpc.2022.v01i01008

You must learn how to produce a solid literature review if you want to have a successful academic or even professional career. The capacity of a student to summarise and synthesise previous research on a topic not only demonstrates that they have a good grasp on the available knowledge, but it also benefits in their learning process. Literature reviews are frequently misinterpreted and underdeveloped, despite their importance. The goal of this article is to help researchers learn how to do a literature review and how to enhance their writing skills. This section includes discussions on the structure, technique, and art of literary reviews.