Why Publish with Createcom Journals

At CREATECOM, we offer following benefits for authors –

Indexing in various databases such as Crossref, Scilit, Google Scholar, etc. for higher visibility of articles published. Crossref deposits article metadata to numerous digital platforms.

Assigning of DOI to your article to make it authentic, persistent and more citable.

Liberal copyright policy. Author retains copyright of their hard work.

Good backup policy for long time preservation of your work.

Experienced and eminent reviewers with repute from world-wide; review your paper so that no discrepancies are left in your manuscript.

Editorial support so that your article meet out all required standards in scholarly publishing practices.

Author(s) gets a unique paper ID so to locate his/her paper in a vast database becomes easy and hassle-free. It also serves as a reference number and makes correspondence with the journal simple and easy.

Accepted papers get published within 4-6 weeks timespan.

Certificates are dispatched/mailed as soon as paper is published.

Regular updating to different Open Access Journal Databases for high visibility and promotion of your articles.

Provision of objective review report of each paper submitted so that authors get the real assessment of their work.

Regular email updates for citations received by your article so that you remain updated about performance of your article.

Peer Review Process

Peer review is the evaluation of work submitted by single or multiple people of same or similar competence to the producers of the work (peers). The review process at CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES journals is carried out by corresponding peers who follow publication ethics and common good practices of article reviewing. Createcom Technologies relies on qualified members of a profession/trade/major/stream within the relevant field. Peer review practices and methods are adopted in order to maintain standards of quality, verifying authenticity of furnished data and hence making an article citable and credible.

All papers received are assigned a unique id and are submitted to a peer review process. The Editors may discard some manuscripts from the outright due to very low quality or in case of conflict with any of journal’s policies.

At CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES, for all of its journals we have adopted DOUBLE BLIND Review system so as there is no influence of authors as well as reviewers on the review process and it remains completely honest and no manipulation is possible.


Taking in consideration its subjects (Aim & Scope of Journal) and plagiarism detection, the papers passing this preliminary screening will be remitted to a panel of referees involved in those research areas. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two referees.

After evaluation, the referees will produce reports about the works reviewed, by which the papers can be

a) Accepted with modifications or corrections;

b) Approved as they are or

c) Rejected from the start. In case that the papers proposed are accepted but in need of modifications or corrections, the Editors will return the manuscripts to the authors, together with the referee’s reports and all the suggestions, recommendations and comments therein.

To secure impartiality during the review process, all papers, as remitted to the referees, will be anonymous. Moreover, the referees’ identities will not be known, neither by the rest of the evaluation panel, nor by the authors.

The final decision concerning the publication of papers belongs to the Editorial Board, having the referees a consultative role.

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    Article Processing Charges

    CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES is a self supporting organization and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the management of the Journals is solely financed by the APC received from authors. The APC is required to meet operations expenses such as charges for paid services as DOI, indexing, maintenance of web-services and other administrative expenses, application development and support, etc. Being an Open Access Publisher for journals, CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES does not receive payment for subscription as the journal(s) are freely accessible to every user over the internet.

    For International Authors (other than INDIA) Publication fee / Article processing charges (APC) are 150 USD (Inc. VAT) for articles containing 20 or less pages. For additional pages 3 USD per page is applicable.

    For Indian authors APC is INR 4000 upto 20 pages. For additional pages INR 150 per page is applicable.

    Once your article is being approved for publication, payment form will be sent to your mail id along with “Notice of Acceptance” for direct bank transfer or you can pay online using secure gateway. On receipt of Publication Fee/APC, article is published within 2-7 days on corresponding journal’s website.