Copyright and full publishing rights to articles or any other work published in CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES open access journals/books are retained by the authors only. Author(s) may republish/reuse these articles as part of a book or other materials. However, for author(s) to retain the copyright ownership of a published article, the following condition should be met-

Cite the original source of the publication when reusing the article

Accept that the article remains published by IRJEAS website (except for retraction of the article)

The article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The article is published open access

Submission of the manuscript represent that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not considered for publication elsewhere. Authors would be required to sign a consent form once the manuscript is accepted which would be sent to the corresponding author’s email address. The corresponding author on behalf of all other authors has to fill and sign the form duly and send a scanned copy to

Do not forget to mention “Manuscript ID” assigned to your manuscript by Createcom Technologies; in the subject field of the mail.

Along with copyright terms, it is also important for author(s) to understand the licensing of open access publication under which article is to be published.

All articles/books published under open access category are under CC-BY 4.0 license. 

CC-BY 4.0 license allows the public to copy, redistribute, remix, adapt, transmit and share an author’s work, as long as the original work and source are properly cited (commercial purposes allowed).