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The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN PHARMACY AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (IJRPBS) is a refereed (Peer Reviewed) international journal which invites articles from different countries and publishes them after a rigorous review process. It is published Biannually in English language by CREATECOM TECHNOLOGIES. It serves well as a forum for review, assessment and channelization of scholarly work, related to rapid developments and Research in the field of Pharmacy, Bio-technology, Microbiology and their various specializations/trades. IJRPBS also provides the new standards to scholarly publications due to its thorough and rigorous review process by the peers from renowned Universities, Colleges, Corporations, Industries and Research Institutes. It’s a sincere effort towards providing a platform to various works which get lost due to lack of proper archival systems. As academic journals are the abundant sources of knowledge and plays an important role in channelizing the different research works in corresponding fields, IJRPBS offers an ample amount of benefits to its authors, researchers, readers, corporations and its associates with promised authentication towards research works and bolstered academic profiles.


  • To publish articles containing original, theoretical and practical advances in fields of Pharmacy, Bio-technology, Microbiology and their various specializations/trades.
  • To dispense a platform for publishing results and research with a strong empirical component.
  • To provide a persistent and stable platform for original and unpublished research papers, based on theoretical or experimental works.
  • To create a bridge for significant gap between research and practice by promoting the publication of original, novel, industry-relevant research.

For peer-review of articles submitted, we have specialized eminent reviewers for each field mentioned and are categorized accordingly in the Editorial Board.

Note – Articles falling in categories beyond the scope of journal will not be published in IJRPBS.

At IJRPBS, we offer following benefits for authors –

  • Indexing in various databases such as Crossref, Scilit, etc. for higher visibility of articles published. Crossref deposits article metadata to many digital platforms.
  • Assigning of DOI to your article to make it authentic, persistent and more citable.
  • Liberal copyright policy. Author retains copyright of their hard work.
  • Good backup policy for long time preservation of your work.
  • Experienced and eminent reviewers with repute from world-wide; review your paper so that no discrepancies are left in your manuscript.
  • Editorial support so that your article meet out all required standards in scholarly publishing practices.
  • Author(s) gets a unique paper ID so to locate his/her paper in a vast database becomes easy and hassle-free. It also serves as a reference number and makes correspondence with the journal simple and easy.
  • Accepted papers get published within 4-6 weeks timespan.
  • Certificates are dispatched/mailed as soon as paper is published.
  • Regular updating to different Journal Databases for high visibility and promotion of your articles.
  • Provision of objective review report of each paper submitted so that authors get the real assessment of their work.
  • Regular email updates for citations received by your article so that you remain updated about performance of your article. 

To ensure high-quality academic and research material, manuscripts submitted to IJRPBS are subjected to rigorous peer review. A double fold blind review system has been adopted so as to keep the review process undisturbed and it remains honest and trust worthy. A detailed review report is provided to authors as soon as review process is completed. By providing true information on different topics; conventional as well as contemporary, IJRPBS helps authors, researchers and other concerned ones in ameliorating their knowledge, research and academic profile as well.