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Author Guidelines

“IRJEEE” publishes only original research papers, review papers, case reports, research notes, short communications and conference papers on various aspects of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and their various specializations/trades. It is mandatory to follow the principles of copyright and plagiarism which are author dependent aspects. The manuscript not found according to the guidelines will be returned to the authors for revision before being sent for peer-review process. A submitted article will be published only it it fulfils criteria of standards and quality work. For preparation and submission of an article to be published in IRJEEE author(s) should consider following points –

  •   Research paper should be your own genuine work. It should reflect your own words and work.
    • Research paper should be free from any plagiarism. Copying from other sources is not allowed.
    • Graphs and diagrams should be neat, visible clearly and configured to the data presented in paper.
    • Always mention the appropriate references taken. They should be in order corresponding to the content of your paper.
    • Every article should be at least of 5 pages and more. It is not binding but on an average a good research work generally consists of approximately 10  pages. Such good papers are highly appreciable for publication.
    • Every article should properly reference all the citations taken into consideration in the research.
    • The new material must be in line with the original topic.
    • The title must be appropriate and reflect the new content
    • The abstract must be a new one, as new items were added
    • The Keywords must be updated accordingly in alphabetic order.
    • The Conclusion must be updated to capture the new content
    •The authorship may also be expanded, to reflect the new contributions.
  • New figures and new and/or enhanced experiments are mandatory.
    • Enriching the figures from the original publication is also suitable and recommended.
    • The original paper must be the first reference

All manuscripts received will be subjected to rigorous review process by peers. Before submission please make sure that your paper is prepared using the IRJEEE Paper Template available at Downloads page

Manuscripts should be in .doc/.docx (MS Word ver. 2003 or higher) format as per the template provided as a link on this page in a downloadable .doc format. Kindly use formatting as given in template before submitting your manuscript. Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proof read and polished. This ensures fast processing and final publication. The font size, font type, margins, columns, schemes and formatting should be in accordance with the template. A paper ID will be generated and mailed to the corresponding author within 24 hours. Acceptance or rejection notification will be sent to the author(s) once paper is reviewed. Review reports will be generated by peers and mailed to the author. Alterations in the original manuscript, if any, found by the peers will have to be furnished by the author(s). On completion of such changes in a prescribed time limit, the final submission of the paper along with the ‘Copyright Transfer Form’ and full payment, paper will be published. A Certificate of publication will be mailed to author by post or E-mail once paper has been published. All irrelevant data should be avoided. For proper referring and fast publication all manuscript should be grammatically correct.

Authors are strongly encouraged to review the entire ‘Guidelines for Authors’ before submitting a manuscript to ensure that the manuscript is properly prepared and formatted.