Genre/Subject – Management

Sub-genre – Entrepreneurship

Book code –  CCTTTB022233

ISBN – 978-93-94435-00-1

DOI – 10.55083/bk.schlup/isbn.978-93-94435-00-1.cctttb022233




Dr. Payal Gaurav Mehta is B.A. (Gold Medallist) M.A. (English Literature), MBA (HR) and LL.B. Ph.D. in Inter-Disciplinary (English Literature and Management) In total; she has a remarkable experience of more than 15 years in teaching and training. She has been teaching at various institutes like CEPT, B.K. School of Business Management, K.S. School of Business Management. She has conducted lecture Series/Seminars at IIM (Ahmedabad), IIM (Kolkata), A.M.A., CEPT, MICA. She has been appointed as a coordinator in National Seminar on Gender Sensitization hosted by GLS Law College on July 27,2019 , in the year 2020 and year 2021. She has been appointed as organization secretary at International Conference – to be held in August, 2022. She has presented many research papers at national, International Conferences and have won ‘Best Paper Presenter award’ three times. As a Moderator have participated in many National Webinars, International Guest Lectures and State Level Events on the Virtual Platform of GLS Law College, Faculty of Law, GLS University. Have conducted many Panel Discussions as a Moderator and have participated as a Panelist in many of the Webinars and E-discussion during Pandemic and before Pandemic in offline Mode.

She is an avid reader and writer. She loves translation, travelling and Classical Dance also.


Mompreneur is “An individual who discovers and exploits new business opportunities within a social and geographical context that seeks to integrate the demands of motherhood and business ownership.” With that reference along with the study of Literature Review suggest that the actual problem women face after the year 2000, is not of acquiring capital, convincing investors, getting training or of inadequate experience but it is of inability to manage and maintain balance between work and family responsibilities, especially the responsibilities related to child. This in turn affects   psychological,   physical,   emotional   and   social   work   life   of   women. Motherhood and Entrepreneurship both are believed to be a kind of job that requires due attention for 24*7.  Women who decided to be an entrepreneur after being a mother for betterment of their child shared their stories and the motivational factors which made them strong to continue the journey of being a Mompreneur.

The Present book is the rich blend of challenges faced by Pink Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs in the land of Entrepreneurs – ‘Gujarat’.  Gujarati community is well known across the world for their entrepreneurial spirit.  Along with Entrepreneurial challenges, Mompreneurs have to deal with Motherhood challenges for keeping constant balance between the entrepreneurial work and motherly duties.  Unique characteristics of Mompreneurs-owned business and the paths of women entering entrepreneurship were explored by studying the multiple role- balance experiences of Mompreneurs in Different places of Gujarat. Despite of growing trend, little academic research exists on the topic of Mompreneurs and the challenges faced by them in developing country like India. All the challenges faced by Mompreneurs at social, personal, economic front have been discussed with the reference to existing literature on it and by studying the interviews and conversations with the Mompreneurs from the different field regarding the same.

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