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Become an Editor

Become an Editor

CREATECOM welcomes researchers, academicians, scientists, faculties, industry experts and all competent professionals to join as Editors for academic/Edited books. You can either propose a fresh book title or can join the available editorial positions in upcoming titles.

Benefits to Editors

Career Enhancement

Getting published results in a API score for the UGC’s Career Advancement Scheme (CAS), but it also enhances one’s status in society.

Complimentary Copies of Book

A publishing certificate and free copies of the book will be sent to the editors by courier. 

DOI & ISBN for every chapter & Book

Every chapter and book are assigned DOI. ISBN are allotted as per the versions to be published.

Persistent Indexing

CREATECOM is highly commited towards indexing of all chapters and books published so as your hard work gets high citation count. The meta-data is fetched to different indexers after assignment of DOI. The Chapters and books will be indexed with Crossref, Google Scholar, Scilit, Worldcat, Dimensions AI and many more indexers.

Multiple Editions

The book will be accessible online and in print. There will be Print on Demand services available. There will be a permanent internet link supplied for all upcoming references. 

International Distribution

Making your products accessible for purchase worldwide! Your books will be available on popular e-commerce sites in India like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


We employ a multichannel marketing strategy, including publishing on social media and email.

Upcoming Books

Editorial positions are open for the following books.

Call for Editors


Call for Editors